FAQ: The Health Stuff

One of my favorite hashtags to use on Instagram is “never leaving bed,” because that’s often how I feel, like never leaving bed. Or like I’ll never be able to leave bed. I’m sick, and I get sicker with colds often. This has lead to a lot of questions. In the interest of transparency, I suppose it’s time I finally answer some of them. But you don’t look sick. Thanks. I appreciate that. But I am. I am a stubborn jerk of a person and I refuse to look or act like things are wrong when they are. You have what now? Takayasu’s Arteritis is my official diagnosis. There are a few fun resources to explain it, though it’s still listed as not having a known cause. All of the articles can get a bit science-y though, since it’s not an everyman disease. I don’t present with normal symptoms for TAK

Sad Sack Status, or Demolition Man Saved My Life

The problem with writing about something that’s close to your heart is that it feels like the words are never right. You start to overthink every letter of every word until it seems like there’s no point. There’s never any point, is there? This is how my brain works all the time. I find a point, I start to think, and then I think it down to “what’s the use?” Every. Single. Time. When I was in therapy, my therapist told me that this is a type of catastrophizing that I do to cope with… I don’t really know what. But it’s a problem. (I’m sure you could have guessed by now that I’m also exceptionally good at plain ol’ catastrophizing as well. I can turn the happiest of occasions into a potential inferno of death and destruction. It’s a skill, just… not a good one.) I’ve learned a lot