On Paper: A Guide on How Cool You Are

Have you ever added yourself up on paper?

Have you added up your successes, subtracted your losses?

Focused on your resume as if you were someone else, talked to yourself the way you would your best friend, figured out who you are without editorializing, without denying yourself?

Probably not. I know I never did.

But one day I started to think about it — who am I if not the sum of my experiences? Who am I if I focus on a list of the accomplishments I admire in other people? What happens if I just list it all out as if I’m thinking of them as happening to someone else?

Stephanie Rinehart: A List

  • Is only 34 years old,
  • Been to 29 states,
  • Been to 6 countries,
  • Traveled 157,200 mi at least (thanks, TripIt),
  • Lived in 7 states,
  • Survived a rare artery illness,
  • Gotten her Master’s degree,
  • Gotten her Master’s degree while working full time,
  • Volunteered during 2 presidential primary campaigns,
  • Volunteered for 1 general election campaign,
  • Worked 3 jobs at one time,
  • Photographed weddings,
  • Traveled for work for 5 years,
  • Finished a coding bootcamp,
  • Has great hair,
  • A good sense of humor about most things,
  • A fighter.

And this is just what I could think of in 15 minutes.

Who are you? And aren’t you amazed with yourself?