In October, I posted about my weird and complicated health stuff. You’re welcome to revisit that for the full story. As this year comes to a close, I just wanted to share an update. I do this for two reasons, 1) it kills time, and b. it makes for an easy resource for when people have questions.

So you’re still dying?

As fast as you are, buddy! Or maybe faster? Or slower? Aren’t we all?

Are you still stuck in bed?

No! And it’s amazing! I switched drugs a few months ago. This new medication terrified me at first. I spent a good few hours being really anxious about starting them because it stays in your system a lot longer than my original meds; however, I’m responding much, much better. I can, like, stay up past 10pm on Saturdays now… and I can get out of bed when I want to! Granted, I don’t want to very often because bed is where all the cuddling happens, but I can do it!

I’m also no longer struck by illnesses that leave me down for days. I catch a cold like a normal person, just a little more frequently. Consider me a 5 year old again. And cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, jerk. Oh, and wash your damn hands!

I still get tired doing regular things, like climbing stairs or going for long walks. My stomach is still a mess, but it’s getting better. Basically things seem to be getting better with this new medication, and I’m glad I switched.

You don’t look so… what’s the word? Oh! Puffy. You don’t look so puffy anymore. 

That’s not a question. Also, thank you? I’m tapering off of the steroids (which is a corticosteroid, not an anabolic steroid. I’m not She Hulk now), and it’s cutting down on some of the less attractive side effects. My face finally looks a little like my actual face. I’ve lost some weight.

Are you still in pain?

A little bit here and there. When I come down with a cold, my artery hurts. Correction: It’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did last year. My joints ache sometimes. I’m just basically an 80 year old.

How long are you on your drugs?

At my last appointment, my doctor said I should be on the immunosuppressive treatment for “a couple of years, most likely.” It’s a long time, but at least it’s a light at the end of a stupid tunnel of stupid.

Are you drinking? 

Sometimes. Not often. I’m allowed a couple of drinks a week, but my liver isn’t a fan. It often makes me sick, so I just avoid it.

Who cares? 

You do, idiot.

What else is new?

I hiked up a mountain and didn’t die. That was pretty cool. I did it really slowly and had to stop a lot, but I did it.

What color is your damn hair? It changes like every two months. 

Oh, it’s red. Right now. It’ll probably be that way for awhile. Maybe…

How was the Point Break remake?

So. Fucking. Terrible. Just laughably bad. Not even “so bad it’s good” bad. Just terrible.