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Stephanie’s SFF Summer Reading Recommendations

If you, like me, are still a little wary about leaving your house this summer, I’d live to provide you with some summer reading recommendations. Because life has been just generally overwhelming because… Well, everything… I’ve really increased the amount of escapism in my life. I’ve read 20 books so far this year, and 12 of them have been sci-fi or fantasy. So, without much further explanation other than “need escape from real life, here are books that do that” here are 9 books I recommend to take up your summer. These are all books I give 5 out of 5 stars to. There’s some reimagined America, some space travel, clones, robots, and witches. Enjoy! Sarah Gailey, “The Echo Wife” P. Djeli Clare, “Ring Shout” Sarah Gailey, “River of Teeth” Nnedi Okorafor, “Remote Control” C. M. Waggoner, “The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry” Becky Chambers, “To Be Taught, if Fortunate”

Evolution of a Portfolio?

I don’t know if I will ever be truly happy with my portfolio. I tend to look at a lot of other people’s portfolios for inspiration or to see best practices, and it creates this cycle of feeling like anything I put together isn’t good enough. I ended GA by building a basic portfolio using Skeleton CSS and HTML and CSS. It’s very basic, but for having thrown it together in about a week using a very limited framework, I was pretty happy with it. You can still see it here: http://stephrinehart.com/classic When my program was over, I was determined to know more about ReactJS. The easiest way for me to figure out how components interact with each other was to build a static portfolio site. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t learn a lot during this process. And not just about components… I had a hard time
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FAQ: Coding Bootcamp

As a person who isn’t shy about posting her life on the internet, I get asked a lot about my experience in a software coding bootcamp. I specifically get asked about my experience at General Assembly. I’ve found myself answering a lot of the same questions. I wanted to go ahead and put all the answers in one place. So here we go! How did you pay for it? Wow, ok. Just hitting the ground running, aren’t we?! I mean, that’s private and between me and my financial goddesses. If you’re asking because you’re wondering how you are going to pay for a software coding bootcamp, I recommend talking to your admissions person about financing options or scholarships. Did you have any experience coding before signing up? The short and very loud answer is YES. I spent most of my teenage years in my parents basement coding personal websites and

just like riding a bike… but it’s software bootcamp

  At the end of May, like one of millions of other people who had been stuck inside for 3 months, I bought a bike. I am the kind of consumer who has to do countless hours of research before deciding on what I want to buy. I’ve been considering buying a bike since I lived in Oklahoma (so at least since 2012!). I could just never convince myself to actually buy a bike. As an anxious person, I had to ask several questions: Where would I even ride a bike?? What if I spend all this money and never ride the dumb thing?? Is it worth it?? Do I even remember how to ride a bike?? What if I fall over and die?????? I can’t ride a bike because I’m so out of shape, right? Outside of those questions, the time just never seemed right. I either couldn’t figure

How to be a Tourist: Cruise Ship Edition

Pack a bathing suit. Pack several bathing suits. Bring shorts. And several pairs of open toed shoes. Don’t leave your balcony door open and try and open the door to your room. Drink so many pina coladas. Constantly ask people if they like pina coladas. Bring a book you’ve been putting off reading due to the emotional strain it will put you under. Finish that book and have a good cry. Don’t check your work email! Don’t pay for the internet to avoid the previously mentioned work email. Find out way too late that your neighbors are pretty cool people. Go on a galley tour (seriously though, it’s really impressive how they manage to make that much food for that many people multiple times a day). Spend at least one night making a semi-drunk semi-fool of yourself. Spend all your time in the adults only section of the ship because